The Show Report

The problems with doing outdoor shows are forcing me to be a lot more selective in the future. The uncertainty of the weather is the primary risk, but the attendant costs such as travel, lodging, road food, shoplifting and booth fees cannot be ignored. Nor can I ignore wear and tear on myself and wife being pack mules. So I intend to be very selective about outdoor shows and more receptive to indoor venues.

I'm also concentrating on getting more dealers to carry my pieces. I'm not going to attend wholesale shows because my experience with them has not been too good. They are much more expensive than comparable retail shows and are sparsely attended. The retail landscape in America is shifting. If you are a dealer who is interested and reading this, email me to discuss acquiring my work. Or if you know a store that would be a good fit for my work, send me an email with their information and I'll contact them.

My online store has items that don't require fitting, and if there is enough demand, I'll expand the offerings.